Domain Omni PX1


Passive Backpanel
The Domain Omni PX1 is purpose designed for operation with audiophile grade power amplifiers. The audio signal is separated into low and high frequency channels with a precision passive crossover network utilizing the highest quality components including only air-core inductors and polypropylene film capacitors. The PX1 can be bi-amplified if preferred or driven from a single amplifier. The PX1 is a nominal 8 Ohm system up to about 5 KHz with minimum impedance of 2 Ohms load at 20 kHz due to the capacitive load of the electrostatic panels. In music there is very little spectral power above 5-10 kHz and as such, the PX1 is fully compatible with 4-8 Ohm rated amplifiers. The audio step-up transformer delivering the critical audio signal to the electrostatic panel is a balanced-interleaved typology comparable to that used in the world’s finest tube amplifiers.


TypePassive Omni-directional Hybrid Electrostatic
ESL Transducer Configuration3 x 120 Degree Continuous Curve
ESL Dispersion360 Degree Horizontal x 16 Degree Vertical
ESL Membrane Area5,000 cm² (active area)
ESL Membrane TypeUltra thin tensioned Mylar film (3.8 µm)
Maximum SPL105 dB at 2m on axis
LF EnclosureArchitectural anti-resonant aluminum casting
LF AlignmentSealed (Qts 0.68)
LF Driver Area (Sd)640 cm2 (effective area of all 3 drivers)
Crossover450 Hz, LR4
Frequency response 30 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB) Anechoic
20 Hz – 22 kHz Typical Room
Sensitivity82 dB (1W/1m)
Impedance 8 Ohm (nominal)
2 Ohm minimum at 20 kHz
Input Power 500 W (RMS)
1000 W (program peak)
Power Input for ESL Supply18 VDC, 300 mA (max)
Dimensions (H x Diam.)143.2cm x 44.7cm (maximum envelope)
Weight66 kg
Features Dual 5-way gold-plated binding post
Bi-wireable/Bi-amp capable
Feet with non-marring polymer pads (no spikes required)
Passive Backpanel