World's First Monopole ESL

To accurately reproduce and image recorded sound, the optimal design for a high frequency transducer is considered to be a point source. ESL designs to date have included simulated point sources, planar and curvilinear designs. All are dipolar, producing a limited sound field.

What Muraudio set out to do was create the world’s first actual large area spatial point source using the undisputed accuracy of electrostatic film technology. In short, the world’s first monopole ESL that radiates uniformly outwards, without producing rear wave cancellation effects.

Years of research have resulted in the development of the first electrostatic panel that is curved in multiple directions. The design offers horizontal dispersion of 360 degrees, and vertical dispersion of 16 degrees. This allows a listener to hear everything as it was recorded, anywhere within the expansive sound field.

The geometry and forming process of the perforated aluminum panels ensures high acoustic output. This important development along with curvature in multiple directions is the subject of numerous patents.

Muraudio’s High Output Continuous Curve design is the world’s first monopole ESL.

LF Drivers

The Domain Omni's three bass drivers perfectly complement the sonic accuracy of the electrostatic transducer. While over 97% of the audible range is produced by the ESL, the lowest 3% is critical to completing the tangible experience that a moving bass passage creates. The results were impressive.

The aluminum cone driver moves so uniformly that modal resonances are inaudible. A formidable santoprene surround provides linearity at maximum excursion, and a non-metallic coil former guarantees low motional loss.

Over 10 kg of magnet structure provides the necessary motor force needed for deep bass extension, achieving F(-3) = 30 Hz (anechoic) in a sealed enclosure, while a spatially symmetric magnetic field reduces harmonic distortion. This means you experience accurate bass reproduction at all volume levels.


Developing an entirely new type of loudspeaker requires engineering precision and adherence to strict design goals. Built by a highly qualified team, every component of the Domain Omni ESL has been thoroughly researched and produced using exacting manufacturing processes.

Patented methods are used to meticulously form each of the 55,000 holes that make up the perforated aluminum structure of the Continuous Curve Electrostatic Transducer. From a liquid state, aluminum is cast to create the sealed driver enclosure. The crown and feet are carved from solid aluminum, and polished to a perfect finish.

Aluminum cone LF drivers are mounted in a force neutral tri-axial configuration to produce unrivalled low frequency response. A rear wave acoustic absorber is placed within the ESL membrane to create an ideal monopole source. Finally, the high performance electronics are installed in the base of the enclosure. The result is a masterpiece of engineering and design unlike anything ever seen or heard.