A New Kind of Loudspeaker

Muraudio changes everything with the introduction of the Domain Omni ESL, a 360 degree point source, omni-directional electrostatic loudspeaker.

The Domain Omni ESL and the complex technology it incorporates has been the subject of intense research and development for the past twelve years. Electrostatic loudspeaker design is recognized the world over as the best way to accurately reproduce the original sound. Extremely low distortion, true linearity, and outstanding frequency response are some of the key advantages. At the same time, traditional implementations have been limited by lower output levels and high directivity (especially at high frequencies).

Muraudio’s reference level Domain Omni incorporates patented High Output Continuous Curve ESL technology, precision engineered LF drivers, industry leading components, stunning design and high grade finishes to create a one of a kind loudspeaker that will transform the way you think about high end audio.

Hear high fidelity, immersive, natural sound with pinpoint imaging and seamless coherency. Clear, full, pure sound. No matter where you are, you’re in the sweet spot.

The Secret to Authentic Sound

Creating life-like sound lies in the theory of what we call Coherent Polar Movement.

When you enjoy an actual concert experience, the sounds you hear are in more ways a reflection of the original source than they are directly from the source itself. Sound from an instrument or voice is simultaneously reflected off of numerous surfaces before it reaches your ears. The problem with traditional front firing speaker designs, whether electrostatic or electrodynamic, is that the sound is never produced that way. Virtually all speakers have specifications related to the “on-axis” response. That means you need to be in a very specific location to hear the output as intended. Anywhere else, and you are out of “the sweet spot”.

The Domain Omni ESL produces sound that is acoustically as near a perfect recreation of the original recording as possible. Using electrostatic technology and purposefully designed LF drivers that deliver clean and full low frequency bass extension, through Coherent Polar Movement the Domain creates a uniform, 360 degree full range sound field. That means what you hear is as close to the ambience and presence of the original performance as you could ever imagine possible.

That’s why at Muraudio, we say “Sound is Everywhere”. Audition the Domain Omni ESL and experience audio like you never have before.